Teen Driver Education Programs

Full Teen Hybrid Program

The Full Teen Hybrid Program consists of 16 days of classroom training (2 hours per day) once classroom is completed. The student will be enrolled in our Parent Taught Behind the Wheel Program, which consists of the student driving and observing with a designated parent. Included in our Hybrid Program, we offer 4 practice drivers for the student if they do need extra help with a certain driving objective.

Course includes:

  • 32 hours classroom instruction
  • Parent taught driving and observing
  • 4 optional practice drives


Full Teen Program (Traditional)

Courses for ages 14-18. The Full Teen Program consists of 16 days of classroom training (2 hours per day) and 7 hours of in-car driving and 7 hours of in-car observation. Depending on space availability, students must enroll up until the third day of class but must be present on the third day.

Course includes:

  • 32 hours classroom instruction
  • 7 hours in-car driving
  • 7 hours in-car observation
  • On-line scheduling system

14 year olds may take the classroom phase for $175 and return at 15 to get their permit and take the behind-the-wheel phase.

Parent of Student must sign an enrollment contract at the school's location on or before the first day of class to complete the registration process.

The State of Texas allows no more than 5 days or 10 hours missed. Absences can be made up at your convenience with a make-up packet for a small fee, or by attending with another session.

Easy Payment Plan Available: $50 down and the balance in 2 payments.

We accept Credit and Debit (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) and money orders made to Cazares Driving School. No cash or personal checks.


Alternate Classroom Option

Also offered is a self paced (DLP) program that the student can use to complete the classroom portion of the program. Once completed they can move either to our Parent Taught Behind the Wheel Program or our Traditional 7 drives 7 observations with our instructors.

For Teens (15 - 17 years of age)

Getting their Permit

  • Green Certificate (DE964) from Cazares Driving School
  • V.O.E. form (form must be processed by public/ private school administrators)
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Original Social Security Card
  • School ID, Texas ID, or Passport.
  • Student and parent, legal guardian, or licensed adult 21 years of age or older living in the same household. (all must show legal residency)
  • $16.00 Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Card
  • DPS-Application & Supplement (download from our resources section)
  • Two utility bills for the household (both bills must be under the same name and between 30 - 90 days old)

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